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Glenn N ~ Awesome!
I chose the sports massage to help me recover from training and I can't say enough about how much better I felt! See you soon!

 Jessica ~ exactly what I needed
She knows exactly how to put someone at ease, heal their body and mind, and leave them feeling like a million bucks inside and out. Couldn't ask for a better way to spend an afternoon. :)

M.L. ~ Great Experience Read more
The massage was very relaxing.The host was extremely friendly and made the experience a pleasant one. I would recommend the Catspa to anyone, and I already have....

 Mike W ~ Catspa
My wife signed me up for a massage here. Walked in, owner was very friendly and the massage was great. I recommend this place to anyone who needs an hour to relax.

 Trish B ~ Massage Therapy at it's finest
I have been a "client" for a year. I use the word client because Cat is vey professional at what she does. But I consider her a friend now also. She truly believes in what she does and lives it too. It's not just a job she does 9 - 5. Nothing says more to me than a professional who turns into a friend. She is the next up and coming massage professional in our area and I am pleased to be on her client list now (pretty soon she won't have time for us old clients), not really.

 Nicole Ruggeri ~ Best massage ever
Cat is wonderful at what she does and the fact that she likes it is so clear. It was the best massage I ever received and she incorporated extras like hot wraps on feet and hands and stones that other spas charge extras for. It was wonderful and I bought a package. This was my first time at this spa but not my last.

 Stacey B ~ LOVE foot reflexology!
Cat does an amazing job and she is so pleasant, professional and thorough. Her office is convenient & close by. she does such an AMAZING job, I ask EVERYONE who's buying me a gift to get me a gift card to The Catspa!

 Nicole N ~ Best Massage I've Had 
I've had massages at a few different spas before, but Cat did the best job working out the knots in my shoulders and neck. She was professional and courteous and competent. I felt relief from the pain in my neck and shoulders as soon as the session was over and I plan on going back as soon as I can schedule it!

 Bob G ~ Thanks I needed that
With the cold I had I felt like and old dish rag. Thanks Cat I stopped aching all over. Great job. My shoulder stopped hurting which has bothered me for months. Thanks sgain

 Monica O ~ Outstanding!
Catspa continuously gives the best quality services and makes their clients feel valued and relaxed. I feel like a million bucks when I leave and always look forward to my next visit.

 Glenn N ~ Awesome!
Catspa is a professionally run, top class spot for massage therapy. Cat did a great job and I'll be scheduling my next visit soon! Thanks!

 Donna E ~ Great massage by Cat!
Feeling better already. She really knows how to loosen up tense areas. Thank you. Very professional and gives lots of helpful hints to stay healthy.

 Trish Buker ~ High Spa treatment at low end cost, honest!
The Catspa offers top of the line Spa treatments without all the overhead expense . Having had memberships to Spa's, gym's, personal therapist, for over 20 years, Cat is hands on, detailed oriented and really believes in this type of therapy for her clients. If you have a chronic illness or are just looking for a break from everything life hands you, I urge you to set up a time and try one session. All the relief without the grief of traditional medicine !!!

Shannon Painter ~ Cat is a miracle worker
Cat was wonderful - I can't say enough about how professional and attentive she was. As someone with chronic hip and back pain, I was worried about some pain but she was very in tune with the areas that were sensitive, and which areas needed more attention to be loosened up. I walked out of there feeling like a new person, and feeling like I could walk normally again because she had set me right. Thank you to Cat for being sensitive to my needs!

 Bob Gonzales Jr. ~ Cat is the best
Thanks so much for the great massage. It ended a great week of vacation. How relaxing!!!!! Sorry for falling asleep but it just knocked me out

Grace T ~ Completely Relaxed Therapy                                                           Cat is very knowledgeable and works to help with total body healing. The atmosphere is very relaxed and Cat is easy to talk to. I go for a massage on a regular basis as part of my total health maintenance plan. The outcome is always positive and relaxing.

 Melanie Mulvihill ~ Relaxing 
Cat gave me 'tips' to help me better in dealing with certain issues I had with my back. Aromatherapy was a nice treat.

 Jessica ~ Fantastic :)
It's a great atmosphere. Cat is great at what she does. She knows what she is doing and can answer all of your questions. She's easy to talk to and I was very relaxed. And of course I felt amazing at the end. :) I would definitely recommend it to everyone whether it's for yourself or as a gift.

 Kelli Donovan ~ Fabulously relaxing
Cat is a great massage therapist! She hit all the right spots and the reflexalogy on my feet was so relaxing! And her prices are great too! I will be back!

 Regina J ~ Highly Recommend
The atmosphere and environment is very warm and welcoming. (The other places make me feel as if I were in a doctor's office awaiting alien autopsy.) She is extremely warm and welcoming with a high level of professionalism. Cat goes above and beyond making certain that you address wellness in all areas of you life. She treats the person as a whole instead of just the physical symptoms.

 Janet S ~ Love the Catspa!
Cat is by far the best. She will tailor your session to you and your needs. Can't ask for a better massage therapist.

 Dave Rakoski ~ full body massage
The most relaxing time, I look forward to my session more than I should admit--give yourself a treat and book an appointment NOW

 Heather Storm ~ The CatSpa has a customer for LIFE!
If you are looking for a treatment to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit, the CatSpa is the perfect place to go! The moment you walk in, you can feel the weight that everyday life can bring start to disappear. Cat takes great care in really getting to know her clients, and how she can help. I simply can’t say enough wonderful things about the CatSpa, you need to experience it for yourself! Book your appointment TODAY!

 W.G. ~ Excellent
Cat was excellent! Extremely professional, great personality, and an expert in her field. I will be back.

 Peggy Schweikert ~ Peaceful!!!
Cat is the person you want to go to when you are stressed. The spa is relaxing, she is calming, and the services are of extremely high quality. I have been to many spas and she is on the top of my list!

 Donna S ~ catspa
Cat was wonderful...very aware of what client wants and may need....even if the massage was just head and feet it would be worth it!

 Kris A ~  Awesome!
Booking an appointment online was easy. Finding the office was simple The massage was awesome! Thanks Cat. I'll be making another appointment soon.

Trish Buker ~ The Ultimate in a Detailed Massage

I have been getting professional massages for 15 years,from Cruise ships to Membership Spa's. Catspa ( owned and operated by Cat) was the ultimate in detail care. She offered service above and beyond high end and pricey Spa's. I booked 5 more sessions in advance! Located in the same building as my Chiropracter it was easy to set up an appointment. THANKS CAT !!

Regina Jankowski ~ Professional, Courteous, and Warm
Cat took the time to address ALL of my health concerns in great detail. She listened (more than my GCP) and did her best to educate me. The massage was amazing. She is extremely professional but has the warmth of a good friend you've known for years.

Amy Briggs ~ Wonderful Experience
I've known Cat from Catspa for about a year now, and had been planning to go in for quite some time, but never made it. I'm SO GLAD I finally did. She's warm and inviting, not too chatty, gives you the attention where you need it. When I was done with the hour long massage with aromatherapy, I was refreshed, relaxed and couldn't have been happier. In fact, I'll be going back soon, and purchasing gift certificates to spread the word.

Susan D ~ Can't wait to return!
I received a sports massage, and in retrospect I can feel how necessary it was. I've noticed that the positive effects increase in the days following the massage. I'm planning to make this a regular part of my fitness regimen.

Dave Rakoski ~ My relaxing hour 
One of the most relaxing hour of my week--Catherine does a wonderful job of taking all the stress away, can not wait for my next session. Thanks for the hour of total relaxation Cath.

Peggy Kavalkovich ~ Very Relaxing
It was just what I needed - peaceful atmosphere, wonderful massage...great experience. I can't wait for my next appointment and the more to follow! Thank you!

Bob G ~ Thanks Cat!
When I walked into the Catspa I was wound up tighter than a rubber band. When I left I was very relaxed, The hot gloves and socks are a very refreshing touch. Thanks Cat

Jackie Santamaria ~ What an experience...!

Omg... thank you for making me feel like a million dollar. The best massage ever !!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much. Looking forward to my next appointment.

 J. ~ Great, personal service 

I found Cat to be very professional, knowledgeable, and accommodating. She did a great job and worked out all my knots and sore muscles. I enjoyed my massage experience and will definitely be going back!

Angela S ~ Wonderful

Last week I visited Catspa for the first was wonderful! I've had many massages and this was definitely one of the best. Cat is professional and knowledgeable. When you leave you are thoroughly relaxed.

Anon ~ I always leave relaxed and feeling better when I leave

Cat does a great job. I'm always filled with knots brought on by trying to be too active and/or from the stress of the day. Each time I leave I feel relaxed and better and makes my whole day that much better. Cat's a real pleasure to talk to too and she gives an incredible massage. That's why I've continued to go back month after month now for over a year.

MahGee ~ Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is essential for my well-being, Cat sets the atmosphere /w aroma, music, lighting, muscle relaxing table, & therapeutic massage. I am making strides of progress w/ each session. I've had many Therapists, however, Cat has a unique style and presentation, that brings healing relaxation to the body. Remember, consistency and balance is the key to total well-being. Thanks Cat!

Dave Rakoski ~ What an Hour!!!!!

I have been a regular customer at The CatSpa for over a year and as a former Professional athlete I know the benefit of a quality massage and Cats are the best--a more relaxing, soothing experience I have never experienced.I honestly can not wait for my next treatment--Thanks Cat

Bella Frio ~ Amazing Experience !!!!!

The Catspa was an absolutley fabulous experience ! As a client with Lupus and RA I am very particular about who I allow to touch my body. Cat's knowledge and professionalism are unsurpassed by none. My body felt better than it has in years. I am now on a monthly schedule to maintain that feeling and promote better health in my life....thanks to Cat ! I would reccomend the Catspa and Cat to anyone and everyone I meet who wants an amazing, healing massge experience .

Regina Jankowski ~ Absolutely perfect on every level

You can get a massage anywhere. What Cat gives is a massage with positive and healing energy. This is more than about your body. Cat doesn't just soothe & relax your body, she focuses on the person. I go to heal. Inside and out.

Cynthia D ~ Always a nice experience

I have had problems with my neck and shoulder area for years. Cat really does a good job in treating these trouble areas. Seeing her has always been a pleasure.

Maria M ~ Great Massage!

Very attentive to all my problem areas. When she hit "a spot" she would explain why and how that was connected to certain injuries I had. Explained afterwards how to stretch and maintain those problem areas. Walked out of there feeling great.

Anon ~ Go to the Catspa for a great massage 

Cat does a great job. She's very personable and cares about giving a great massage. I always leave there feeling better and always relaxed. I would - and have - refer her to my friends.

Traci B ~ GREAT Massage! 

My massage at Catspa was very relaxing! I left there feeling extremely refreshed and relaxed! She is a great massage therapist and very professional. I would recommend her services to anyone in the area looking for a great, relaxing massage!

Bob G ~ You are awesome

Thanks I feel like a million bucks. My feet haven't felt this good in years. My legs have a little pep in them. The heated mittens and socks were a great touch

Graceanne M  ~ Amazing!
The Catspa is the perfect place to go to relax. The room was so inviting and the aromatherapy instantly puts you in that serene place of mind. My massage was wonderful! I cannot wait to go back :)

The Catspa is truly the place to go for your own relaxation and stress relief. Your self- worth is revived. Take the time to treat yourself--you don't know what you are missing. Truly a magnificient experience.

Mary Lashley ~ A Time Worthwhile!
Instead of the fanfare you get at a "salon", Catspa is down to earth and very much interested in you. Her knowledge is sincere and she makes you feel unstressed. Thank you Cat for a time worthwhile. I will be back.

Rich L. ~ A Terrific Experience
I'll be going back again and again. I would recommend Cat to anyone. She is very professional and extremely good at what she does. I wish her much success.

Narcie Haran ~ Great Massage!!
This is my third massage, and all I can say that it was great and would highly recommend this. Fees are reasonable and Cat is very knowledgable at what she does. Can't wait until my next massage.

Lance Comas ~ Very,very good!
The Catspa was incredibly professional and absolutely put me at ease. She was pleasant and outgoing which made me feel like I've known her for a long time. The massage was deep and soothing and she didn't miss a muscle. I will strongly recommend her to anyone who needs a massage.

Adelina Taraborelli ~ So looking forward to next treatment
My first session was yesterday, and I truly cannot wait for the next appointment. I received a deep tissue massage which was exactly what my body needed. Not only was the massage wonderful, but the fees are very reasonable.

Linda Rakoski  ~ Heavenly Escape
Sheer heaven,total peace, complete satisfaction-what else can I say. The Catspa and Cat are the best total escape for yourself and your well-being. Certainly, an experience you are entitled to and deserve. Truly, the very best.

Monica O. ~ A Complete Escape
An outstanding experience and something to always look forward to as an escape from a busy life. Cat has a keen eye for identifying tense areas and pockets of stress. You always feel great after a session. Highly recommended!

Donna Mehalchick ~ The Catspa is a special treat
What started as a gift from my husband for Mothers day has turned into a pampering ritual. I feel more flexible, healthy, and refreshed. I returned the favor for Fathers day. It's convenient to choose an appointment on Gen book.

Sister Rose ~ Stress Melt-away
Soft music, warmth and fragrance combined with a knowing touch make for stress melt -away. That's how my first experience was at Catspa. I hope to have a repeat experience soon. Thank you very much.

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Cathy DiPierro ~ A soothing experience
The sound of a rainstorm and a comfortably heated bed is the perfect match for relaxation. It was a wonderful experience and I cannot wait till the next. Thanks a lot Cat.

Chris Bygrave ~ Perfect Relaxation
Cat provides the perfect escape and cure for the stresses of life and work. Would certainly recommend a visit to anyone, very professional without losing focus on the individual.

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